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Designed for companies facing significant growth challenges, our Interim Executive Practice provides an "executive temp" to keep your business on track or to kick-start your marketing function. Whether you face growing a new business quickly, a shift in strategic direction, or the sudden departure of a key executive, Dainamic Consulting bridges the gap and provides a smooth, professional transition.

Dainamic Consulting, Inc. offers three types of engagements:

  • Interim CEO/COO — Founders often need access to professional management talent to get early-stage companies to the next level. We add strategic vision, corporate infrastructure, process, tight cash management and business skill set to innovative ideas, ensuring a sustainable business model and clear exit strategy. After laying the foundation, we assist as needed in hiring a permanent chief executive and executive team.

  • Interim CMO/VP of Marketing — We help you build or manage one or all aspects of your marketing department, including product management, market development and marketing communications. We clarify strategy, assess critical needs, fill key positions and drive toward a market leadership position.

  • Executive Team Coach — Emerging growth companies can benefit from an impartial, third-party facilitator to work through strategic issues. In these engagements, we work closely with the CEO and the executive team in structured, interactive sessions to achieve consensus while maximizing participation.  Individual coaching may also be required to increase team cohesion and effectiveness.

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