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Strategic Marketing

Designed for companies who need expertise for a particular initiative, our Strategy Practice provides one or more experienced consultants to work on specific projects.

Engagements include:

  • Strategic or business plan development — We write succinct and compelling business plans for internal or external funding, and strategic plans for new initiatives. Entrepreneurs and VCs alike rely on us to develop executable plans with clear objectives, credible timelines and defined metrics.

  • Refinement of corporate and marketing strategy — A clearly articulated and communicated strategy focuses your company in the most uncertain environment. We lead executives through analytical frameworks to redefine market positioning, to gain consensus on target customer segments and to reprioritize strategic initiatives. Then, we design and align go-to-market initiatives.

  • Savvy product positioning and competitive analysis — We interview existing and emerging competitors, customers and partners to assess your market position and brand equity. We also design customer focus group research for new products.

  • International business development — If your international experience is limited to Chinese takeout, we help you expand overseas by identifying strategic partners and navigating the idiosyncrasies of foreign markets and regulations.

  • Strategic partnering — We identify appropriate strategic partners and craft win/win relationship terms for effective, profitable collaborations.

  • Technology commercialization — Your R&D wizards have invented the best thing since sliced bread, but marketing it is as alien as writing documentation. We work with engineering management to transition product concepts from the research lab to product launch.

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